Oslo on a budget

11/07/2017 13:43

Oslo is an expensive city and Oslo has been ranked as one of the most expensive cities in the world many times the past years! However, if you’re planning to visit Oslo, you can save a lot of money by following the tips below:

Find cheap Oslo accommodation

It would be smart to reserve a room in advance. There are also relatively few youth hostels, etc., for backpackers and people travelling on a budget. However, some cheaper alternatives exist, and here are some links:

Flipkey vacation rentals. Flipkey by tripadvisor offer cheaper accommodation in Oslo, many properties are rented by private people and often they are much cheaper than hotels in the same area. Great optin for budget travellers.

Wimdu Oslo – Oslo city apartments, up to 50% cheaper than hotels

Airbnb Oslo

Top 10 budget hotels and motels in Oslo - check the cheapest budget alternatives in Oslo here

Bring alcohol to Norway

Alcohol is EXTREMELY expensive in Norway (3 eur for the cheapest beer in a supermarket and 7-10 eur for a beer in pubs / restaurants). So, if you plan to enjoy alcohol during your trip you should bring some or buy it from the Tax Free at the airport. However, make sure you don’t bring more than allowed to

In Norway, supermarkets are not allowed to sell beer / alcoholic drinks after 20:00 on weekdays and after 18:00 on Saturdays

If you forget to buy beers at the airport,

buing beers in grocery stores is the cheaper option. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to understand that buing beers in a store is the cheaper option, however, it can be a bit difficult to understand why the sale of beer closes at 20:00 on weekdays and at 18:00 on Saturdays although the grocery stores are open longer. After the closing time of the beer sale the shops cover the beer behind big curtains. This is a part of the strict alcohol policy in Norway and you just have to accept it. If you're two minutes too late - sorry - no beer for you.




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Find the cheapest way to get from the airports to the Oslo city centre


The difference between the cheapest and the most expensive option can be huge. For this reason, always check your best option. The prices may vary from season to season and there are discounts for students, seniors, families, children and groups. Check out your cheapest option below:


        Cheapest transport options from Oslo Gardermoen airport (main airport)


          Cheapest transport options from Oslo Rygge airport




Shop in the low price grocery stores in Oslo


Many tourists find food in Norway quite expensive. But like most other places, some store grocery stores are more expensive than others, and you can save some money on going to the cheaper ones. The low price grocery stores are called Rema 1000, KIWI and RIMI and you can find them spread out all over the city. In addition you can buy cheap fruits and vegetables from the markets, many of them located in the Grønland area.


Low price grocery stores:


Rema 1000



Local fruitmarkets / special stores

Other supermarkets / grocery stores (usually more expensive, but with a wider range of products):




    Read more about traditional Norwegian food here.




Split up your stay in Oslo


If you are staying in Oslo for more nights and if you are willing to move around a bit, you might save some money on staying in different places. If you search for one and one night instead of a longer period, you increase the chance of finding the cheapest room available. And if you are lucky, you might find two available cheap rooms in the same area.




Tips for tourists in Oslo: Visit the free Oslo tourist attractions


Many of the tourist attractions in Oslo are actually free, for example the Vigeland Park, The New Opera and the Medival Park. The city centre of Oslo is actually quite small and if you live in central Oslo you can actually reach most of the tourist attractions by foot.


         Read more about the main tourist attractions here


         Top 5 free tourist attractions in Oslo




Tips to save money in Oslo: Explore Oslo by walk


The city centre of Oslo is relatively small and if you stay in the central part of Oslo you can reach many of the attractions by walk. If you need to take public transport make sure you buy the tickets before you enter the bus or the tram. If you buy the tickets on the bus or tram it costs you extra.




Use the free WIFI spots in Oslo


On this page we've gathered a few places where you can enjoy free WIFI in central Oslo.




Buy the Oslo card


If you plan to visit many attractions that cost money you should consider to buy the Oslo card. The Oslo Pass gives you free entry to more than 30 museums and attractions and free travel on all public transport in addition to discount on many resturants and activities. However, be aware of the time it takes to travel between the attracions and plan your trip to make sure you get the most out of the card.




Find the cheapest Oslo taxis


In general, taking a taxi in Oslo is very expensive and not recommended if you want to save money. The Oslo city centre is relatively small and compact and most of the tourist attractions can easily be reached by foot or by public transport. However, if you're more people travelling together (and you have luggage), a taxi can be a faster and more convenient alternative. To get an idea how much a taxi will cost you, use the taxi-calculator by following the link below. The result might not be 100% correct, but it will give you an idea.


Taxi calculator Oslo




Drink water from the tap


The water in Norway and Oslo is drinkable and of good quality. Therefore you can safely drink water from the tap instead of buing expensive water from the stores.




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